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30 Oct 2013
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Food and Feeding of Fishes. What Do We Need to Know?

Published Online: 17 Dec 2016
Page range: 71 - 84
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30 Oct 2013
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Unrevealing food and feeding habits of fishes is the centre of research in aquatic biology, ecology, conservation biology and fisheries. The current practice in feeding ecology of fish accredits it as descriptive ecology, relying primarily on the information of their diet, directly through gut analysis or indirectly by computing some diet based indices. Such methods often mislead in the understanding of the true feeding behaviour of organisms need for more reliable and functional approach. The main objective of feeding ecology is to evaluate feeding behaviour of fish. Recent developments in tools and techniques of analytical research is an opportunity to take up more reliable details by formulating affordable methodical design for recording, modulating and designing suitable approaches for better explanation of the feeding biology in fish.


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