1. bookVolume 21 (2021): Issue 3 (June 2021)
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07 Mar 2008
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Degradation State Identification for Hydraulic Pumps Based on Multi-scale Ternary Dynamic Analysis, NSGA-II and SVM

Published Online: 24 Jun 2021
Page range: 82 - 92
Received: 05 Mar 2021
Accepted: 28 May 2021
Journal Details
First Published
07 Mar 2008
Publication timeframe
6 times per year

Degradation state identification for hydraulic pumps is crucial to ensure system performance. As an important step, feature extraction has always been challenging. The non-stationary and non-Gaussian characteristics of the vibration signal are likely to weaken the performance of traditional features. In this paper, an efficient feature extraction algorithm named multi-scale ternary dynamic analysis (MTDA) is proposed. MTDA reconstructs the phase space based on the given signal and converts each embedding vector into a ternary pattern independently, which enhances its capacity of describing the details of non-stationary signals. State entropy (SE) and state transition entropy (STE) are calculated to estimate the dynamical changes and complexity of each signal sample. The excellent performance of SE and STE in detecting frequency changes, amplitude changes, and the development process of fault is verified with the use of four simulated signals. The proposed multi-scale analysis enables them to provide a more precise estimation of entropy. Furthermore, support vector machine (SVM) and nondominated sorting genetic algorithm II (NSGA-II) are introduced to conduct feature selection and state identification. NSGA-II and SVM can conduct the joint optimization of these two goals. The details of the method proposed in this paper are tested using simulated signals and experimental data, and some studies related to the fault diagnosis of rotating machinery are compared with our method. All the results show that our proposed method has better performance, which obtains higher recognition accuracy and lower feature set dimension.


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