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17 Oct 2008
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Outsource or not? An AHP Based Decision Model for Information Security Management

Published Online: 23 Jun 2022
Volume & Issue: Volume 55 (2022) - Issue 2 (May 2022)
Page range: 142 - 159
Received: 03 Nov 2021
Accepted: 28 Apr 2022
Journal Details
First Published
17 Oct 2008
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

Purpose: Outsourcing information security has proven to be an efficient solution for information security management; however, it may not be the most suitable approach for every organization. This research aimed to develop a multi-criteria decision-making model that would enable organizations to determine which approach to information security management (outsourcing or internal management) is more suitable for their needs and capabilities.

Methods: Our study utilized several different research methods. First, the decision criteria were identified by reviewing related work and then selected by information security experts in a focus group. Second, a survey was conducted among information security practitioners to assign the criteria weights. Third, four use cases were conducted with four real-world organizations to assess the usability, ease of use, and usefulness of the developed model.

Results: We developed a ten-criteria model based on the analytic hierarchy process. The survey results promote performance-related criteria as more important than efficiency-focused criteria. Evidence from use cases proves that the decision model is useful and appropriate for various organizations.

Conclusion: To make informed decisions on approaching information security management, organizations must first conduct a thorough analysis of their capabilities and needs and investigate potential external contractors. In such a case, the proposed model can serve as a useful support tool in the decision-making process to obtain clear recommendations tailored to factual circumstances.


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