1. bookVolume 23 (2021): Issue 3 (November 2021)
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30 Oct 2013
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Coştei Hydrographic Diversion Node, a Historical Environment Quality and Biological Resources Accessibility Game Changer; Anthropogenic Induced Problems and Sustainable Solutions ‒ An Ichthyologic Perspective

Published Online: 26 Dec 2021
Page range: 87 - 114
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First Published
30 Oct 2013
Publication timeframe
2 times per year

26 fish species were affected by the Coştei historical diversion hydrotechnical system build in 1758. In order to mitigate the negative effects produced by this hydrotechnical work on the fish, a migration system, of nature-like meandering by pass type was proposed. The dimensions of this channel and the slope of about 2% allow fish, and other aquatic organisms to move upstream and downstream of the spillway.


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