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30 Mar 2018
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Specifics of physico-mechanical characteristics of thermally-hardened rebar

Published Online: 12 Feb 2022
Volume & Issue: Volume 28 (2022) - Issue 1 (March 2022)
Page range: 73 - 81
Received: 05 Nov 2021
Accepted: 20 Dec 2021
Journal Details
First Published
30 Mar 2018
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

Thermal hardening is widely used nowadays for modification of steel bar properties and obtaining effective reinforcing material. Strength and deformation characteristics of thermally hardened reinforcement is the complex indicator of reinforcement efficiency. Therefore, reliable assessment of physico-mechanical characteristics of thermally hardened rebar is topical and important issue. This article is intended to the analysis of physico-mechanical characteristics of thermally hardened rebar on the basis of experimental data. Thorough statistical processing of experimental data was made and specific features of strength parameters were identified. Analytical model of strength characteristics is proposed, which enables to take into account inhomogeneous strength properties of the rebar along its cross-section. It could be stated that assessment of physico-mechanical characteristics of thermally hardened rebar is topical and important issue, which is the prospective area of further research.


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