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30 Mar 2018
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Social climate of support for innovativeness

Published Online: 12 Feb 2022
Volume & Issue: Volume 28 (2022) - Issue 1 (March 2022)
Page range: 110 - 116
Received: 08 Oct 2021
Accepted: 27 Jan 2022
Journal Details
First Published
30 Mar 2018
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

The article describes a research study focused on determining the level of social support for innovative activities. Based on a questionnaire survey and in-depth interviews conducted among engineers working in the United States and in Poland, data was obtained to determine the level of social acceptance and the level of support from third parties and institutions encouraging innovative activities. Conducting a comparative analysis of innovation support in the United States and Poland made it possible to learn about the social climate strengthening and inhibiting innovative behavior in both countries. An important element in the aspect of social acceptance is the perception of innovation from the perspective of corporate social responsibility, responsibility of business leaders and engineers as well as sustainable development.


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