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30 Oct 2013
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A Review of Current Knowledge on Parasites of Non-Indigenous Fish Species in the Inland Waters of Turkey

Publicado en línea: 30 Apr 2022
Volumen & Edición: Volumen 24 (2022) - Edición 1 (April 2022)
Páginas: 55 - 74
Detalles de la revista
Primera edición
30 Oct 2013
Calendario de la edición
2 veces al año

The parasite fauna of alien fish species living in the new habitats has rarely been investigated and there is still poor information about this topic.

This research not only provides a thorough list of parasite taxa found in non-indigenous fish species in Turkey, but it highlights the risk of infection for both native and alien ichthyofauna.

With respect of native range, exotic fishes imported into Turkey have been found to be hosts for parasities from Eurasian, Asian, and North American origins, respectively.


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