Prof. Arkadiusz Adamczyk publishing his latest book “János Esterházy. Politician, parliamentarian, martyr” had taken part in the discussion on the role of individuals in the societies’ life. Being an another voice in the debate, the book is also a story about the Count János Esterházy's life, son of a Hungarian and a Polish woman, "entangled" in five political systems. By his book, the author has undertaken a polemic with the present, full of emotions and simplifications, and narrative views on the Count's history through newly discovered sources and the prism of his contemporary times.

Choosing a journal to publish your research in can be time-consuming and even daunting, especially since most journals discourage multiple submissions in order to safeguard reviewers’ time. It is a common problem, no matter how experienced you are. While early-career researchers are unfamiliar with well-respected journals in their field, experienced scholars can become too comfortable with submitting to the same journals, thus omitting to find a wider audience for their work.

I started my University career, back in the eighties, teaching air pollution dispersion to undergraduate students. I found that there was not, at the time, any software available on the subject being easily understood by the students. In 1983 I developed such a computer program, first for the Apple Macintosh graphical environment, that was later translated through Visual Basic for the Windows environment. This was done through the course of several years, with the help of some of my most skillful students. I believe the software has capabilities not usually seen, e.g. powerful non-linear optimizers to find the location and value of the maximum concentration, either under real multisource dispersion or hypothetical critical conditions.

Sciendo’s journals use ScholarOne and Editorial Manager for online submissions of academic papers. Each journal has its own guidelines; these need to be read carefully before visiting the online submission portal. For instance, there might be length requirements for papers and abstracts, instructions on how to cite and format references, how to prepare documents for blind peer reviews, how to declare conflict of interest, funding and adherence to ethical policies, and many more.