Sciendo Celebrates 600ᵗʰ Published Journal

Sciendo is celebrating its 600th published journal after one year of rebranding.

Although small compared to long-established companies like Springer (2,900 journals), Elsevier (2,500), Routledge (1,800) and Wiley (1,600), Sciendo’s rapid growth highlights the impact the publishing relaunch has had in just one year of being rebranded. Quickly growing to be one of the world´s top professional publishing services to the academic market, Sciendo has now overtaken both the Oxford University and Cambridge University Presses combined for the number of journals it publishes.


CEO of Sciendo, Jacek Ciesielski said: “It’s a great pleasure to see Sciendo grow to become a top-ten serious, competitor to the publishing powerhouses.We are delighted to have a talented and experienced team in Poland, the UK and the rest of Europe and in China. Sciendo’s ambitious programme of growth means we are looking forward to an exciting 2020.”

600th Journal

Signing an agreement with the German IZA – Institute of Labor Economics Sciendo published journal number 600, the IZA Journal of Labor Policy, providing a full publishing package, including production and editorial support, full-text XML as well as marketing and distribution solutions. Formerly published by SpringerOpen, the new Sciendo partnership includes three Open Access journals IZA Journal of Labor Economics, IZA Journal of Labor Policy and IZA Journal of Development and Migration. Publishing academic papers that are relevant to policy strategy, the IZA Journal of Labor Policy addresses the impact of institutional settings and policy interventions on labour market outcomes.

Prof. Dr. Hilmar Schneider, IZA’s CEO said: “It has been a great pleasure for everyone involved in the Journal of Labor Policy to work with Sciendo. Our subject areas include the evaluation of labour market initiatives, and public policy aspects of labour, education, welfare and related social policies. The IZA Journal of Labor Policy is part of our mission of supporting informed and research-based labour policy debates around the world.”

The IZA Journal of Labor Economics covers all relevant micro - and macroeconomic topics ranging from education, family and environment to mobility, behavioural economics and labour market institutions, among others. IZA’s third Open Access journal, the IZA Journal of Development and Migration aims to provide a better understanding of the driving forces behind developing, emerging labour markets and global migration trends.


The IZAInstitute of Labor Economics (Forschungsinstitut zur Zukunft der Arbeit GmbH), has established itself as the leading international platform that links and disseminates cutting-edge research in all areas of labour economics. IZA engages in evidence-based policy advice and narrows the distance between science and society by transporting relevant knowledge to the general public, political actors and economic players. The Institute is based in Bonn, Germany, where a team of expert researchers studies the future of work and delivers answers about how to effectively safeguard employment and maintain social cohesion. IZA serves as the hub of a global network of more than 1,300 selected research fellows who collaborate with the Institute to create a sound economic understanding of labour markets and labour policies.