1. bookTom 15 (2021): Zeszyt 1 (March 2021)
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22 Jan 2014
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Near-Resonant Regimes of a Moving Load on a Pre-Stressed Incompressible Elastic Half-Space

Data publikacji: 15 May 2021
Tom & Zeszyt: Tom 15 (2021) - Zeszyt 1 (March 2021)
Zakres stron: 30 - 36
Otrzymano: 15 Oct 2020
Przyjęty: 19 Apr 2021
Informacje o czasopiśmie
Pierwsze wydanie
22 Jan 2014
Częstotliwość wydawania
4 razy w roku

The article is concerned with the analysis of the problem for a concentrated line load moving at a constant speed along the surface of a pre-stressed, incompressible, isotropic elastic half-space, within the framework of the plane-strain assumption. The focus is on the near-critical regimes, when the speed of the load is close to that of the surface wave. Both steady-state and transient regimes are considered. Implementation of the hyperbolic–elliptic asymptotic formulation for the surface wave field allows explicit approximate solution for displacement components expressed in terms of the elementary functions, highlighting the resonant nature of the surface wave. Numerical illustrations of the solutions are presented for several material models.


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