Books/Full publishing services


Sciendo publishes books from universities, research institutes, academies of sciences, learned societies and other organizations. We offer both the Open Access and traditional (paid access) models. The following rules also apply to individual authors whose institutions are willing to pay the publishing fees for the publication of their books.

We have a special offer for universities and other organizations to publish all or some of their English language journals, books and other publications. See more here

The services and solutions that we offer are bundled into three packages: Standard, Classic and Premier. These packages range from standard components required for publication to a full-service package and a hybrid between “basic” and “full-service”. We charge for each book published, the charge is dependent on the package and any additional services and solutions are chosen.

The table shows the key components of each package. Sciendo would be delighted to offer the services shown in the chart below to books whose publication is financed by institutions.

Standard Classic Premier
Hosting platform
Typesetting and proofreading
Book layout, cover design
ePub version
Print on demand and delivery
Copyediting (heavy edit)
Wide electronic distribution
Content and book indexing
Marketing Extra Package

Institutions and authors  interested in learning more about the services and relevant charges should contact our representative for their territory, to meet and discuss the terms.

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