White Label Publishing House

Sciendo has a special offer for universities and other organizations that are seeking a partner to publish all or some of their English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Polish languages journals, books and other publications. This applies to new publications and to previously published books and back journal volumes. We publish monographs, textbooks, edited volumes, and other categories.
The university can decide if a given journal or book is published using the Open Access or paid access model. All books and journal articles bear both the university and the Sciendo logos.

At no cost to the university, Sciendo will design, produce and manage the website of this publishing house. The role of the university is to select and channel books and book proposals for this publishing co-operation, as well as to promote this publishing opportunity to its faculty.

The university can decide which package of services applies to each journal and book. Such packages are described in the pages for journals and books. If the value of the contract exceeds an agreed amount, the university can enjoy discounts up to 60% on standard fees.

Please contact our representative for your territory to meet and discuss the terms of the White Label Publishing House offer.