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24 Oct 2012
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Cloud Brokering with Bundles: Multi-objective Optimization of Services Selection

Published Online: 25 Nov 2019
Volume & Issue: Volume 44 (2019) - Issue 4 (December 2019)
Page range: 407 - 426
Received: 28 Feb 2019
Accepted: 21 Aug 2019
Journal Details
First Published
24 Oct 2012
Publication timeframe
4 times per year

Cloud computing has become one of the major computing paradigms. Not only the number of offered cloud services has grown exponentially but also many different providers compete and propose very similar services. This situation should eventually be beneficial for the customers, but considering that these services slightly differ functionally and non-functionally -wise (e.g., performance, reliability, security), consumers may be confused and unable to make an optimal choice. The emergence of cloud service brokers addresses these issues. A broker gathers information about services from providers and about the needs and requirements of the customers, with the final goal of finding the best match.

In this paper, we formalize and study a novel problem that arises in the area of cloud brokering. In its simplest form, brokering is a trivial assignment problem, but in more complex and realistic cases this does not longer hold. The novelty of the presented problem lies in considering services which can be sold in bundles. Bundling is a common business practice, in which a set of services is sold together for the lower price than the sum of services’ prices that are included in it. This work introduces a multi-criteria optimization problem which could help customers to determine the best IT solutions according to several criteria. The Cloud Brokering with Bundles (CBB) models the different IT packages (or bundles) found on the market while minimizing (maximizing) different criteria. A proof of complexity is given for the single-objective case and experiments have been conducted with a special case of two criteria: the first one being the cost and the second is artificially generated. We also designed and developed a benchmark generator, which is based on real data gathered from 19 cloud providers. The problem is solved using an exact optimizer relying on a dichotomic search method. The results show that the dichotomic search can be successfully applied for small instances corresponding to typical cloud-brokering use cases and returns results in terms of seconds. For larger problem instances, solving times are not prohibitive, and solutions could be obtained for large, corporate clients in terms of minutes.


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