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15 Dec 2015
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Engineering, Introductions and Overviews, other, Law, Social Sciences, Political Science, Military Policy, Business and Economics, Business Management, Management, Organization, Corporate Governance

The Knowledge-Based Organization (KBO) is an international conference organized annually and hosted by Nicolae Balcescu Land Forces Academy in Sibiu, Romania. The 27th edition took place on June, 10-12 2021.

The Academy has been organizing this Conference since 1998 and, starting with 2004, it became an International Conference. The 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2015 proceedings of the conference are indexed in ISI CPCI, and the other editions are under evaluation.

The paper selection process involves three stages. In the first stage are evaluated all submitted papers (only papers which are fitted to conference sections and the anti-plagiarism assessment is according to the article’s similarity coefficient with the one accepted by the editorial norms, will be accepted), then, during the second stage, a double-blind peer-review of the papers will be carried out. The third stage consists of the authors’ noticing on their papers’ acceptance or necessary revisions (as a rule, papers can be accepted as they are, accepted with minor or major revisions, or rejected). The evaluation process takes into consideration both the scientific content and the topics addressed which has to fit the Conference framework. Moreover, in order to be accepted for publication, the papers also have to meet all the requirements of the template, according to the international editorial and publishing standards (abstracts, keywords, completed and updated references and bibliography).

This year’s edition of KBO 2021 has the following identification data:

Full Title: International Conference - The Knowledge-Based Organization

Proceedings ISSN: 1843-682X

Published in Romania by: "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy

Printed by: "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy Publishing House

Editor’s name and address: "Nicolae Balcescu" Land Forces Academy, 3-5 Revoluþiei Street, 550170, Sibiu, Romania

KBO 2021 conference was organized under the auspices of:

  • Academy of Romanian Scientists (AOSR) - Military Section
  • Romanian Academic Society of Management (RASM)
  • Technical Sciences Academy of Romania (ASTR)

KBO 2021 was in line with the previous editions subduing to attention of the participants new approaches and ideas related to the central topics of the conference or analyzing other subject matters discussed during the previous editions of this event.

In this edition of the Conference, after the completion of the evaluation process, a number of 96 papers were accepted for publication and presented in the framework of the six sections created around the proposed main topics of this year, by authors from institutions of higher education and research of Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine.


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Plagiarism Policy

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Ghiţă BÂRSAN (Sibiu, Romania)

Grudi Ivanov ANGELOV (Sofia, Bulgaria)
Mamia BALAKHADZE (Gori, Georgia)
Luis Antonio Morgado BAPTISTA (Lisbon, Portugal)
Nicolae CIUCĂ (Bucharest, Romania)
Sorin Mihai CÎMPEANU (Bucharest, Romania)
Adrian CURAJ (Bucharest, Romania)
Dirk DUBOIS (Brussels, Belgium)
Yves DUPONT (Brussels, Belgium)
Stefano GEUNA (Torino, Italy)
Wergiliusz GOŁĄBEK (Rzeszow, Poland)
Themistoklis GRIMBIRIS (Athens, Greece)
Vladimír HIADLOVSKÝ (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)
Bonita JACOBS (Atlanta, Georgia, USA)
Robert KOSOWSKI (Warsaw, Poland)
Oskars KUDLIS (Riga, Latvia)
Ivan MALAMOV (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)
Ioan-Aurel POP (Bucharest, Romania)
Jacek POPIEL (Krakow, Poland)
Karl PRONHAGL (Wiener, Austria)
Jozef PUTTERA (Liptovsky Mikulas, Slovakia)
Sorin RADU (Sibiu, Romania)
Dariusz SKORUPKA (Wroclaw, Poland)
Przemyslaw WACHULAK (Warsaw, Poland)

Adi ADUMITROAIE (Girona, Spain)
Mihail ANTON (Bucharest, Romania)
Alexandru BABOŞ (Sibiu, Romania)
Dorel BADEA (Sibiu, Romania)
Tomasz BAK (Rzeszow, Poland)
Paul BECHET (Sibiu, Romania)
Rãduþ BÎLBÎIE (Bucharest, Romania)
Laviniu BOJOR (Sibiu, Romania)
loan BONDREA (Sibiu, Romania)
Polidor BRATU (Bucharest, Romania)
Olga Maria Cristina BUCOVEȚCHI (Bucharest, Romania)
Ștefania BUMBUC (Sibiu, Romania)
Simona BUNGĂU (Oradea, Romania)
Paul BURLACU (Constanta, Romania)
Peter ČAJKA (Banská Bystrica, Slovakia)
Vasile CĂRUȚAȘU (Sibiu, Romania)
Dobrinka CHANKOVA (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)
Lucian Ionel CIOCA (Sibiu, Romania)
Marius CIOCA (Sibiu, Romania)
Alina CIUHUREANU (Sibiu, Romania)
Alin CÎRDEI (Sibiu, Romania)
Maria CONSTANTINESCU (Brasov, Romania)
Ștefan-Antonio DAN-ȘUTEU (Bucharest, Romania)
Aldo DE SABATA (Timisoara, Romania)
Anca DINICU (Sibiu, Romania)
Cosmin DOBRIN (Bucharest, Romania)
Teodora DRĂGHICI (Sibiu, Romania)
Camelia DRAGOMIR-PÂNZARU (Brasov, Romania)
Gabriel EPURE (Bucharest, Romania)
Cãtãlin FETECĂU (Galati, Romania)
Elena FLORIȘTEANU (Sibiu, Romania)
Teodor FRUNZETI (Bucharest, Romania)
Daniel GHIBA (Bucharest, Romania)
Hortensia GORSKI (Sibiu, Romania)
Constantin GRIGORAȘ (Sibiu, Romania)
Laurențiu GRIGORE (Bucharest, Romania)
Florin GROSARU (Brasov, Romania)
Sabin GUȚAN (Sibiu, Romania)
Cornel HAȚIEGAN (Resita, Romania)
Dumitru IANCU (Sibiu, Romania)
Florin ILIE (Sibiu, Romania)
Irina IOANA (Bucharest, Romania)
Lucian ISPAS (Sibiu, Romania)
Adrian IVAN (Bucharest, Romania)
Zoltan JOBBAGY (Budapest, Hungary)
ClaudiuVasile KIFOR (Sibiu, Romania)
Atanasova Nevena KRASTEVA (VelikoTarnovo, Bulgaria)
Krastyu Ivanov KRASTEV (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria)
Claudiu LĂZĂROAIE (Bucharest, Romania)
Doru LUCULESCU (Brasov, Romania)
Simona MICLĂUȘ (Sibiu, Romania)
Liviu MIHĂESCU (Sibiu, Romania)
Gabriela MIHĂILÃ-LICĂ (Sibiu, Romania)
Mihai MIHĂIȚĂ (Bucharest, Romania)
Marius MILANDRU (Sibiu, Romania)
Nicolae MORO (Sibiu, Romania)
Dãnuț MOȘTEANU (Sibiu, Romania)
Doina MUREȘAN (Bucharest, Romania)
Vasile NĂSTĂSESCU (Bucharest, Romania)
Mihai Marcel NEAG (Sibiu, Romania)
Ovidiu NICOLESCU (Bucharest, Romania)
Romana OANCEA (Sibiu, Romania)
Pavel OTRISAL (Olomouc, The Czech Republic)
Carol PETERFI (Haga, Netherlands)
Silviu-Mihai PETRIȘOR (Sibiu, Romania)
Sorin PÎNZARIU (Sibiu, Romania)
Toma PLEȘANU (Sibiu, Romania)
Arpad POHL (Budapest, Hungary)
Ioan Gabriel POPA (Sibiu, Romania)
lon POPA (Bucharest, Romania)
Stelian POPESCU (Sibiu, Romania)
Emanuel PUȘCHIȚÃ (Cluj-Napoca, Romania)
Diana RANF (Sibiu, Romania)
Aurelian RAȚIU (Sibiu, Romania)
Ion ROCEANU (Bucharest, Romania)
Cristina Teodora ROMAN (Iasi, Romania)
Gheorghe SAMOILESCU (Constanta, Romania)
Florin SANDU (Brasov, Romania)
Annamaria SÂRBU (Sibiu, Romania)
Carmen SIMION (Sibiu, Romania)
Eduard SIMION (Oradea, Romania)
Miroslaw SMOLAREK (Wroclaw, Poland)
Andrzej SOBON (Warsaw, Poland)
Igor SOFRONESCU (Chisinau, Republic of Moldova)
Alexandru STOIAN (Sibiu, Romania)
Robert STĂNCIULESCU (Sibiu, Romania)
Robert SZABOLCSI (Budapest, Hungary)
Lucian TARNU (Sibiu, Romania)
Ovidiu TIȚA (Sibiu, Romania)
Paul TUDORACHE (Sibiu, Romania)
Tudor-Viorel ȚIGÃNESCU (Bucharest, Romania)
Aurel Mihail ȚÎȚU (Sibiu, Romania)
Ioan VIRCA (Sibiu, Romania)
Constantin Iulian VIZITIU (Bucharest, Romania)
Mircea VLADU (Sibiu, Romania)

Language Editors:
Gabriela MIHAILA-LICA, Land Forces Academy, Sibiu, Romania

Technical Editors:
Ovidiu CALBOREAN, Land Forces Academy, Sibiu, Romania


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Journal Details
access type Open Access
First Published
15 Dec 2015
Journal Subjects
Engineering, Introductions and Overviews, other, Law, Social Sciences, Political Science, Military Policy, Business and Economics, Business Management, Management, Organization, Corporate Governance

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